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as of 2021

Candidate for BS in Electrical Engineering
Emphasis in Machine Learning
University of California, San Diego
Expected Graduation in 2021
GPA: 3.466

signal processing engineer for ICARUS

September 2020- March 2021

I worked as a signal processing engineer on ICARUS, a robotic arm integrated onto a UAV platform supported by a virtual reality (VR) environment. The goal of this project was to reduce or replace human interaction in high-risk areas while providing the user with intuitive life-like control of the mechanism. As a signal processing engineer, I optimized the performance of the radio packet controller module that wirelessly controls the robotic arm. ICARUS was funded by Lockheed Martin.

Hardware Engineer at PAQ Wear

June 2020- September 2020

Performed and presented a conceptual evaluation between circuits utilizing a chip antenna, printed antenna, and off-the-shelf module for application in bluetooth 4.0 communications.
Performed component analysis to optimize trade-offs in size, performance, price and other specifications for various line items in building a robust BOM Designed circuit schematics and layouts using Altium PCB Designer which were successfully fabricated into a functional Flex PCB used in a silent wearable alarm with sleep tracking features.

Experience in programming languages and software

as of 2021

Skilled in Java and Javascript coding, PSPICE. Proficient in Python, Godot, MATLAB, Solidworks. Basic knowledge in Eagle, Arduino. Worked on projects with soldering, 3D printing, breadboard circuit construction. Programmed basic machine learning algorithms in MATLAB. Excel, Microsoft Office tools